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Co2 cylinder compatible with all SodaStream twist cylinder machines

Whether you want to exchange a CO2 cylinder from another brand or buy a shiny, new, compatible-with-all-devices one from Indigo, it’s never been easier! Use our search map to see our 1,000+ exchange locations and find one near you! 

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Indigo near you

Want to buy an Indigo Soda cylinder? Visit one of our exchange locations and buy or exchange Quebec’s favourite CO2 cylinder!

A big thank you to all our exchange locations for their participation and for sharing their enthusiasm for Indigo Soda in their community. We are proud to partner with you in this great adventure.

Become an Indigo exchange location

Want to promote a local business while offering your customers an affordable local solution? Become an Indigo Soda exchange location and offer a local alternative to standard carbonation cylinders.