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Sparkle with your Indigo Soda CO2 Cylinder!

We’re on a mission to make still water sparkle!

Are you a bubble-lover? Put our CO2 cylinders to work for you and add a little effervescence to your daily routine! 

Our cost-effective cylinders are a universally compatible solution that’s also friendly to the environment. 

CO2 indigo soda cylinder exchangeable for all other brand cylinders

An Affordable Solution for Carbonation

Get more for less!

Reduce your costs with Indigo! Save on every refill and pay up to 35% less than you would with most other leading brands. Think about it! 

Get the best value for your money and support a local business. We take the hassle out of refilling your CO2 cylinders with our simple and affordable solution. 

Pass INDIGO and claim your local bubbles!

CO2 Indigo Soda cylinders less expensive than those of other brands

An Easy Exchange

Swap an empty cylinder for a full one! 

Easily exchange your cylinder thanks to our cylinder return program!

Bring your empty reusable cylinder to any exchange location and get a new one. You can even swap your old cylinder from any other brand. It’s never been easier to renew your Indigo cylinder! 

Have you considered buying a backup cylinder to make sure you’re always ready to sparkle?

Together, we Can Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Buy local and reduce your carbon footprint! Our reusable cylinders can be exchanged in over 1,000 locations throughout Canada. Our local initiatives help minimize our carbon emissions related to transport. 

Make your sparkling drink from tap water. Then, refill your CO2 cylinder close to home. Together, we can work to reduce unnecessary transport! 

Recycling is good, but reusing is even better! Did you know what the lifecycle of a cylinder is up to 40 years? Thanks to our reusable cylinders, we also help limit the production of plastic bottles. 

To get to you, these water bottles travelled