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There are a million ways to make the ordinary extraordinary with Indigo Soda. Stay up to date on new exchange points and discover our selection of inspiring articles. Get excited about our recipes and use your local sparkles here, there and everywhere.

Sparkling Matcha Mint cocktail

Create refreshing cocktails by adding matcha powder to your favourite beverages. It’s a great option for people who love fresh and unique flavours.
Glass of Sparkling Matcha Mint cocktail with a ball-shaped ice and a lime wedge

Get Reinvigorated with a Sparkling Red Berry Smoothie

Try our exclusive sparkling red berry smoothie recipe! A refreshing blend of berries with a sparkling twist that will revive your taste buds and give you a natural energy boost.
Sparkling smoothie fruits berries straw indigosoda sparkling water

Sparkling Iced Tea: A Refreshing Summer Drink!

Quench your thirst with our sparkling iced tea recipe! A fusion of classic tea flavours with a touch of bubbles for the perfect summertime refreshment. Easy to prepare and irresistibly delicious!
Indigo Soda glass of sparling iced tea with bubbles at will

3 Unique Sparkling Cocktail Recipes to Warm Up Your Evenings!

It’s your turn! Check out our recipes and concoct unique drinks like the Cotton Candy mocktail, the Crazy-for-Strawberries Margarita, and the Appletini for your next event.
Three festive cocktails made with sparkling water and real fruit.

Appletini: An Elegant Vodka and Cinnamon Cocktail

Get cozy this holiday season with our appletini! This handcrafted cocktail recipe is made with homemade applesauce, vodka, maple syrup, and garnished with cinnamon sticks for an unforgettable taste experience.
Fruity cocktail with apples and cinnamon, served in a martini glass, made with vodka, sparkling water, and sparkling wine.

Crazy-for-Strawberries Margarita With Pomegranate Juice

Discover our unique Margarita recipe made with tequila, pomegranate juice, Fraise d’hiver strawberries, and blood oranges. Perfect to warm up your winter evenings.
Crazy-for-Strawberries Margarita With Pomegranate Juice

Cotton Candy Mocktail: A Bubbly Alcohol-Free Delight

Our Cotton Candy Mocktail combines the sweetness of cotton candy with a fresh burst of sparkling water. Dive into this easy recipe and surprise your guests with a fun and unique drink!
Champagne glass with cotton candy, cream soda and sparkling water.

3 Essential Cocktails Recipes for Any Occasion!

Explore the world of cocktails with our essential guide. From the refreshing Green Vigor to the classic Gin-Tea and the tropical Mango-sicle Lemonade, discover recipes that will elevate your mixology game and impress your guests.
Three refreshing summer cocktails with sparkling water and fruit

Green Vigor: A must-have for an energized back-to-school season

Enjoy the unique fizz of a Green Vigor mocktail! A burst of sparkling water will boost your back-to-school days, all without a drop of alcohol.
A glass filled with a Green Vigor mocktail, with lemon, cucumber, and mint around the glass on a table.

Gin-Tea Cocktail Recipe: Your Ideal Partner for Summer Evenings

Learn to prepare the gin-tea cocktail, the perfect ally for your summer evenings. A refreshing blend of iced tea, gin and various fruits, this cocktail pairs perfectly with a good barbecue.
A pitcher filled with gin-tea cocktail with fresh oranges, strawberries and cucumber on a skewer

Mango-sicle Lemonade: Dive into an Explosion of Summery Flavors!

Immerse yourself in a wave of summery flavors with our irresistible Mango-sicle Lemonade. This exquisite cocktail, blending the sweetness of mango with the coolness of a popsicle, will awaken all your senses.
Mango-sicle Lemonade cocktail in a beautiful glass with sparkling water, mango popsicle and raspberries with lemon wedges and mint leaves.

3 Perfect Cocktails for the Summer Season: Mocktail, Cocktail & Spritz

Find your favourite cocktail for the summer season with our three flagship recipes: the sparkling detox, the sparkling rosé and the sparkling local spritz. Choose your favourite, or try them all!
summer_sparklingdetoxmocktail_sparklingrose_mothers day_spritz_sparklinglocal

Sparkling Local Spritz

Discover the recipe for our favourite summer cocktail, the sparkling local spritz. A perfect mix of Quebecois Aperol, homemade strawberry syrup and sparkling water to celebrate Quebec’s strawberry season.
Sparkling local spritz

The sparkling rosé: the perfect cocktail for Mother’s Day

A must-have cocktail recipe for Mother’s Day brunch! Lychee, rose water and much more. Try out this simple and tasty treat with your mom.
Cocktail avec litchi, pamplemousse, mousseux, eau de rose et eau pétillante parfait pour la fête des Mères ou à déguster avec votre maman

What can you drink to help detox after sugaring off season and Easter brunches?

The sparkling detox combines everything that’s healthy: kiwi, apple, mint, green tea, and especially Indigo sparkling water.

The perfect alcohol-free aperitif from Monsieur Cocktail

Mr. Cocktail’s recipe for a non-alcoholic Spritz in synergy with your local bubbles, THE solution to encourage you to do the 28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge. A decadent mocktail that will make your mouth water!

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Mission 1000 tonnes recommends Indigo cylinders

Looking for a way to reduce using plastic bottles in your daily life? Indigo Soda is the perfect solution for you! The Quebec CO2 cylinder allows you to make the equivalent of 60 litres of sparkling water at home, just like competitive brands, but at a better price. Real big savings!
Indigo soda - recette bonbonne co2

Myth or reality: Is bottled water more pure and natural than tap water?

Discover the answer in the article of Marie Bernatchez, founder of Déballez le Québec. Learn more on the lifecycle of a water bottle, its impact on the environment and local avenues.

Quebec Spritz by Geneviève O’Gleman

Give a pinch of « Spritz » to your life with this cocktail ready in five minutes !
Aperol spritz Indigo soda

Ricardo’s Mojito

How to make such a delightful Mojito but without sugar added from a traditional carbonated beverage? Replace club soda with homemade carbonated water.

Gin Fizz by SAQ

For a less calorie and still very tasty cocktail, replace club soda with carbonated water. Cheers everybody!

Bourbon Lemonade by Antoine Sicotte

Freshness and effervescence guaranteed for whisky lovers! Try this cocktail prepared with carbonated water.

Sprinkling Lime & Blackberry Mocktail by Marilou

Serve this refreshing « mocktail » and boast using your own sparkling water!

Alcohol-free Mango & Mint Mojito by Marilou

Prepare this « mocktail » by adding juice from a lime wedge pressed in your homemade sparkling water. It’s naturally good!

Fruit Mocktail by the Mes inspirations culinaires blog

Mix your home bubbles with citrus aroma and fresh thyme to make a delicious alcohol-free drink!
indigo soda - mocktail-fruits-mes-inspirations-culinaires

« Pineapple Elderberry Fizz » Mocktail by Ricardo

Impress your guests with this vivifying « mocktail » idea. « Fizz » it with Indigo Soda!
Indigo soda - cocktail