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Save up to $700 per year with Indigo Soda when you use a sparkling water maker and fill your CO2 bottle at one of our exchange locations.


How much do YOUR bubbles cost?

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on cans of carbonated water every month?

If you love drinking sparkling water, you know it’s difficult to do without (on a daily basis: in cocktails, for instance)! So, is there a way to save money and avoid clutter, waste and pollution while continuing to enjoy your fizzy drink?

We did the math for you! We compared the annual costs of purchasing a machine and using CO <sub>2</sub> cylinders versus buying cans of sparkling water. We’re happy to share the results with you!

Cans or carbonated water machine?

What if we told you that, even considering the investment of $100 in a carbonation device, it is still the most economic (and most eco-friendly) choice for consuming sparkling water? Here’s why :

The first month

When you purchase a sparkling water maker, it includes a full CO <sub>2</sub> cylinder. Therefore, 60 liters of sparkling water represents a cost of approximately $100.00 for the first month.

Buying the same amount (60 liters) of a popular brand of canned sparkling water would equal 14 cases of cans for a total of $83.86 for the first month.


Second and subsequent months

When you already have your carbonation device, your only expense is your CO2<sub>2</sub> cylinder refills. If you choose an Indigo Soda exchange point, that’s $12.50 per month for 60 liters of sparkling water.

But, if you continue to buy cans of the popular brand, your bill will continue to be $83.86 per month.


Result : save with local bubbles!

From the second month on, when you refill your Indigo cylinder, you save over 85% compared to buying cans for the same amount of sparkling water.

The cost of the carbonation machine may represent $100 for the first month, but it is a one-time purchase (that quickly pays for itself).

Don’t forget that some supermarkets offer specials from time to time. Keep your eye out for a good deal! You can also shop for a pre-owned machine. And don’t worry about exchange points—you’ll easily find one near you!


In addition to saving . . .

Avoid stuffing your garage (or worse, filling your trash or your recycling bins) with plastic bags full of empty cans or wasting your time depositing cans (one by one) into the can return device.

Your machine allows you to use resealable carbonated water bottles, so you won’t be throwing away half-full cans anymore. Simply close your bottle of sparkling water and save it for later!

In addition to reducing the cost of your grocery cart, you’ll also reduce your output of matter and waste that clog sorting centers.

In Quebec, we are privileged to have access to free drinking water. It’s easy: just turn on the tap and let your machine do the rest!

To recap :

Who doesn’t want to reduce their grocery bill? Especially these days . . .

With an entry-level machine, families who use the device a normal amount (60 liters of water/month) should have a return on investment after only two months. This represents a saving of about $700 annually, not counting all the time wasted managing empty cans and the amount of energy expended and waste produced.

In a nutshell, it simplifies your life (especially if you are a fan of bubbles)!