NEW! Reusable water bottles for sparkling water machines: Buy now!

Indigo Soda is the perfect solution to reduce using plastic bottles. This Quebec CO2 cylinder allows you to make 60 litres of sparkling water at home, and this, whatever the equipment used. It is compatible with all standard carbonation machines. Knowing that over 500 billion of plastic bottles end as garbage on the planet, every little move makes a difference.

Indigo cylinders are returnable. So you can bring them once empty in one of our exchange locations for refilling. You will receive in exchange a full new cylinder, and this, at a lower cost than current competition, for an equivalent product.  

Here are the benefits of choosing Indigo Soda 

Get nice tasty sparkling water, at home, while favoring local economy and participating in protecting the environment. 

(french version)

For recipe ideas to flavor your water or mocktails, it’s here!