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3 Unique Sparkling Cocktail Recipes to Warm Up Your Evenings!

Liven up your evenings and parties during the cold winter months with our stylish mixology creations. The Cotton Candy mocktail, the Crazy-for-Strawberries Margarita, and our Appletini are more than just mixed drinks, they are a festive way to bring people together, and perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance indoors. Get ready to wow your guests!

Three festive cocktails made with sparkling water and real fruit.

Cotton Candy Mocktail

Looking for a sweet drink without alcohol? Our Cotton Candy mocktail recipe is THE preferred mix for both kids and kids-at-heart. It’s a sweet and colourful sparkling drink that’s perfect for family night.

Crazy-for Strawberries Margarita

Dive into the unexpected with our Crazy-for-Strawberries Margarita, a unique, wintry twist on the classic margarita. A burst of fruit flavour will awaken your tastebuds and bring a touch of freshness to your winter nights.  


A unique, fruity cocktail that’s sure to be a hit with traditional martini lovers with a sweet tooth! Treat yourself to a refreshing taste sensation with this delicious Appletini recipe made with real apples.