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The Connect-Indigo adapter,
a sure way to SAVE

Use Indigo Soda cylinders with new generation carbonation devices

COMPATIBLE, you say? The Connect-Indigo adapter ensures that your CO2 cylinders from Indigo will work on any machine, even if you have a new generation Quick-Connect or « Pink System » device. With our adapter, you’ll always have the freedom to buy the cylinder of your choice!

Install the Connect-Indigo adapter in a few easy steps

The Quick Connect adapter has 3 parts and is compatible with all the new-generation devices on the market (Pink System nozzles, except for SodaStream’sTM E-Terra model). There’s no need to make any changes to your device (i.e. remove or puncture the bottom of your device), as is the case with other adapters.

Here’s the step-by-step installation procedure.

Connect-Indigo adapter

$27.50 + tax

Make your carbonation device compatible with CO2 cylinders at a better price by adding a Connect-Indigo adapter. Insert the nozzle into your device and the cylinder and connect!

Quebecers are choosing Indigo

Installing the adapter is easy and allows me to keep using the Indigo cylinders, even if I have the new machine with the pink handle.
- Ms. Gauvin
A top-notch team committed to customer service. A healthy, ecological and economical alternative to individual sodas and sparkling waters. I'm delighted to have discovered this fine Quebec company!
- Claudia Larocque
It's available at a store near me, perfect for buying local!
- Natasha P.
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