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Master the art of mixology with Green Vigor, Gin-Tea, and Mango-sicle Lemonade!

Discover the joy of mixology with our essential cocktail recipes. From the refreshing Green Vigor to the classic Gin-Tea and the exotic Mango-sicle Lemonade, we have a drink for every mood and every occasion. Start your mixology journey now!

Mango-sicle Lemonade

Fancy a popsicle… but a grown-up version? Treat yourself to an explosion of tropical fruit and bubbles, topped off with sparkling wine.

Cocktail Limonade mangue-sicle dans un beau verre avec eau pétillante, popsicle manque et framboises avec quartiers de citron et des feuilles de menthe
A pitcher filled with gin-tea cocktail with fresh oranges, strawberries and cucumber on a skewer

Gin-Tea Cocktail

Wish summer could last forever? Invite your friends over to share  a pitcher of Gin-Tea! This fruity, bubbly cocktail will remind you of days by the pool…. even while sitting in your living room!

Green Vigor

Between the back-to-school routine and the cool, grey days of autumn, sometimes we need a little pick-me-up!  We concocted this unique and invigorating mocktail to help you re-energize your day!

A glass filled with a Green Vigor mocktail, with lemon, cucumber, and mint around the glass on a table.

A History of Cocktails

Cocktails have a rich and fascinating history that dates back several centuries. The word ‘cocktail’ was first mentioned in 1806 in the American newspaper, The Balance and Columbian Repository, where it was described as a stimulating drink composed of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. However, the origins of mixed drinks can be traced back even further to ancient times when people combined ingredients to create medicinal potions.

Over time, the practice of mixing drinks evolved and became more sophisticated. In the 19th century, bartenders started to experiment with different combinations of ingredients, and the first cocktail recipes were published in bartending guides.

The golden age of cocktails took place in the 20th century during the Prohibition era in the United States. Because alcohol was banned, people made their own concoctions at home, and speakeasies (secret bars that served alcohol) became popular. Bartenders at speakeasies created new cocktails using available ingredients to mask the taste of low-quality alcohol.

Cocktails became a symbol of rebellion and a means of expressing creativity. After the end of Prohibition, the popularity of cocktails continued to grow, and they became a staple in bars and restaurants worldwide.

Over the years, cocktails have evolved and new recipes and techniques have been developed. Today, there are thousands of cocktail recipes, and mixology, the art and science of making cocktails, is a respected profession.

Cocktail ingredients usually include a base spirit, such as vodka, rum, gin, or whiskey, mixed with other ingredients like fruit juice, soda, or liqueurs. The preparation and presentation of cocktails are an essential part of the mixology process.

Bartenders use various tools and techniques, such as shaking, stirring, muddling, and garnishing, to create the perfect cocktail.

Cocktails are enjoyed all over the world, and each country has its own signature cocktails. For example, the Margarita is a famous Mexican cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau.

The Mojito, made with rum, lime, sugar, mint, and soda water, is a popular Cuban cocktail. And the Martini, made with gin and dry vermouth, is an American classic. Often associated with entertaining and having a good time, cocktails are staples at parties, events, and celebrations, and are a great way to bring people together.

Whether you prefer the classics or more creative concoctions, there is a cocktail for every taste and every occasion.

In conclusion, cocktails have a long and colourful history that spans centuries and continents. From ancient medicinal potions to sophisticated modern creations, cocktails are always evolving and adapting to the times. Today, they are enjoyed all over the world and are an enduring symbol of creativity, rebellion, and socializing.

So, next time you enjoy a cocktail, raise your glass to its rich and fascinating history. Cheers!