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Support for CO2 cylinders

This page has all the information you need for transporting our CO2 cylinders. You’ll find emergency procedures, transportation guidelines, and frequently asked questions, all in one place. 


Carriers  Call the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre (CANUTEC) at 1 613 996-666. Retailers and consumers  See Transport Canada’s Emergency Response Guidebook (pages 180–181).

Official documents

The transportation of CO2 cylinders is regulated by the provincial and federal ministries. Indigo Soda meets all government safety standards.

Government of Quebec’s Transportation of Dangerous Substances Guide

Safety data sheet (MSDS)


Indigo Soda is certified by Transport Canada under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

Consult our TDG certificate

Important notice : for any return of cylinder, it is strictly required to use the original box making sure that the openings/covers are well closed with tape and that the separator is well inserted in order to secure the cylinders.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. To comply with the law and our TDG certificate (permit), cylinders must be shipped in the packaging provided by Indigo Soda. In addition, our packaging bears all the safety marks associated with the TDG certificate. These mark must remain visible at all times. Do not hide or cover them. If you need pre-printed shipping packaging, contact our team at 514-603-0333.
No. However, to comply with regulations, you must add the words “ UN1013, Carbon dioxide ” ” Temporary certificate TU 0887 ” and “CANUTEC – 24-Hour Number: 1 613 996-666” to the bill of lading (contract of carriage of goods) or shipping label. Note that when shipping 500 or more cylinders in one truck, the law requires that the words “Class 2.2” be added to the label and that the exact quantities transported be indicated on the shipping document. The packaging provided by Indigo Soda usually bears the appropriate information. If you need pre-printed shipping packaging, contact our team at 514-603-0333.

No. Employees who handle CO2 cylinders do not need to complete this training. They must simply comply with the shipping instructions and safety marks on the packaging provided by Indigo Soda.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a trace gas naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is colourless and odourless under pressure. Soluble in water, carbon dioxide is also found naturally in ice caps, glaciers, groundwater, seawater, rivers, and lakes.

No. CO2 cylinders can be safely stored in a normal warehouse.

If you need pre-printed packaging or a shipping document, contact our team at 514-603-0333.